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Published Research

4. Paris M, Boyer R, Jaenichen R, Wolf J, Karageorgi M, Green J, Cagnon M, Parinello H, Estoup A, Gautier M, Gompel N, Prud’homme B.Near-chromosome level genome assembly of the fruit pest Drosophila suzukii using long-read sequencing. BioRxiv.

3. Karageorgi M*, Groen SC*, Sumbul F, Pelaez JN, Verster KI, Aguilar JM, Hastings AP, Bernstein SL, Matsunaga T, Astourian M#, Guerra G, Dobler S, Agrawal AA, Whiteman NK. Genome evolution retraces the evolution of toxin resistance in the monarch butterfly. Nature 2019

* Equal contribution

# Undergraduate co-author

Media coverage:

Carl Zimmer. How Monarch Butterflies Evolved to Eat Poison. The New York Times. Oct 7, 2019.

Tim Vernimmen. How Monarch Butterflies Evolved to Eat a Poisonous Plant. Scientific American. Oct 2, 2019

Robert Sanders. CRISPRed flies mimic monarch butterfly – and could make you vomit. Berkeley News, Oct 2, 2019

2. Verster KI, Wisecaver JH, Duncan RP, Karageorgi M, Gloss AD, Armstrong E, Price DK, Melon AR, Ali ZM, Whiteman NK. Horizontal transfer of bacterial cytolethal distending toxin B genes to insects. Molecular Biology and Evolution 2019; 36 (10): 2105-2110

1. Karageorgi M, Bräcker LB, Lebreton S, Minervino C, Cavey M, Siju KP, Grunwald Kadow IC, Gompel N*, Prud'homme B*. Evolution of Multiple Sensory Systems Drives Novel Egg-Laying Behavior in the Fruit Pest Drosophila suzukii. Current Biology 2017; 27(6): 847-853


Scientific coverage:

Maderspacher F, Stensmyr MC. Sensory Evolution: Trouble in the Cherry Orchard. Current Biology 2017; 27(6): R218-R220


Monarch fly on Asclepias papilio

Image credit: Marianthi Karageorgi & Eugene Randolph Young


1. Karageorgi M*, Matsunaga T*, Whiteman NK. Drosophila: Where the wild flies are. Current Biology 2018; 28(24):R1382-R1384


The expert "nose" when to harvest

Image credit: Marianthi Karageorgi & Eugene Randolph Young

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